\(~\) As of: 2021-02-27

The most effective consistently proven public health practice for the pandemic is isolation, quarantine, social distancing, masking and hand-washing. This translated to shuttering of work and or play-places as well as other industries, except for those identified as essential services / essential workers by public health recommendations or outright mandates. As essential workers providing essential services, our clinics and the supporting administrative structure remained open with adjustments in favor of the priority needs of our patients. However, the patients either out of fear or in adherence to the mandates, like people all over the country or even the world, were reluctant to come in for scheduled or needed health care. In response, we pivoted to Telehealth / Telemedicine.


Date range 2020-03-02 to 2021-02-27

By Clinic

All our patients had cellphones or access to the telephone, so we used that common medium to conduct the visits whenever appropriate, complemented occasionally by video if available to the patient



By Financial class

BCBS: Blue Cross / Blue Shield insurance; CHDP: Well child and Immunization care

By CPT4 code



Telephone call visits by all CSVS with Rolling mean


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Overlay of telehealth visits with all visits in 2020

Telephone call visits % by clinic: with Rolling mean

Not all visits can be accomplished by Telehealth, for example, pediatric and well visits, visits for screening for cancer and for health maintenance physical examinations, and other types. This is reflected by the different patterns of telehealth visits which reflect the mix of specialties and case-types for each clinic.