Like all frontline health care organizations, CSVS staff, whether administrative or clinical, were not spared from COVID-19 infection. This chapter looks at our statistics. Our staff strictly adhered to CDC guidelines including frequent hand-washing and or the use of hand sanitizers, and are equipped with standard PPE for all, with PPRR for those performing COVID-19 tests. Use of PPE to include N95 masks and eye goggles or face shields is mandatory for the staff. In addition, masks are required for transiting between the car / parking lot and the clinic.

Once it was learned that there was high risk of spread of the virus in staff break rooms, the latter were no longer used as a gathering place for meals and socialization. All breaks are to be taken outside of the clinic (staff usually retires to their respective cars).

In the mean time, we deployed TeleHealth services (see appropriate page of this site) to limit patient and staff exposure and the risk of infection.


Last reported case from 2021-02-05 \(~\)


COVID-19 Cases among CSVS Staff

Tabular Summary

Cases by Service-type and Location

By Percent

We analyzed our cases and determined that all cases to date were contracted within the community, not in the clinic setting, using contact-tracing and exposure history. Total cases: 64

By numbers

Admin group positivity rate with 9 positives out of 45 Admin staff: 20%;

Clinical staff positivity rate with 55 of 258 Clinical staff: 21.3%;

Overall Dental staff positivity rate, 23.4%.

Overall Medical positivity rate, 22.6%.

Overall organizational positivity rate, 64 positives of 303 staff: 21.1%.

We check for patterns among the different services: medical and dental clinical services, and administration. Total cases: 64

By Dates

The November / December surge was captured. Total cases: 64

First dose staff immunization with Moderna January 8th 2021


Comparing % positivity trend with staff cases