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This chapter evaluates the disruption of screening medical services by COVID-19 by looking at effects on Gyn Cancer screening and Colorectal Cancer screening using FIT, between 2019-01-02 and 2020-12-31.



Summary Table Ca screening Encounters

Ca Screening Deficit Attributed to COVID-19 Disruption in 2020
scrn.encntr period.2020 period.2019 deficit deficit.prcnt
Breast Ca 2203 3214 -1011 -31.46%
Gyn exam 2003 2894 -891 -30.79%
Colorectal 2690 2857 -167 -5.85%
period.2020 = encounters from January to latest report day 2020,
period.2019 = encounters from January 2019 to same day in 2019 of latest report in 2020,
deficit= 2020 encounters minus 2019 encounters,
Colorectal Ca screening was by FIT occult fecal blood method.

For Colorectal cancer screening, nearly all the patients do the FIT (self-administered card smear test) which bypasses regular office visit. This explains the lower deficit when compared to services that require in-person visit and interaction with the physician.

GYN Time series: The shaded period represents the “COVID-19 signature”

GYN screenings Deficit – Raw data

Use the slide bars to dynamically “zoom in” periods of interest, down to specific calendar dates.

Note the abrupt sustained drop at March-ending / April 2020 lasting several weeks – the “universal” effect of COVID-19

GYN Rolling mean deficit

GYN screening Deficits - Rolling mean

The roll(ing) mean is similar to moving averages. You may change the units of the roll by typing into the box in the lower left hand corner and clicking on . For example, weekly moving average takes 7 (for 7 day / week). For pure trending, use higher units which smoothen out the curve. If the input is zero (0), the resulting graph represents unaveraged daily counts.

Breast CA Screening

Deficit Breast CA screening


Breast Rolling mean deficit

Deficit Breast CA screening – Rolling mean

The rolling mean (same as moving average) brings to focus the deficit highlighted by the shading. To explore different averaging or roll units, change the number in the left lower corner of the graph and click on . Higher numbers will smoothen out the curve. Zero (0) yields un-averaged (original) daily visit counts.


Colorectal CA screening deficit

Deficit Colorectal Ca screening – raw data


Colorectal CA Rolling mean deficit

Deficit Colorectal Ca screening – Rolling mean